Earth Day:How it started

Do you know what Earth Day is? Earth Day is a very important holiday and the day when we celebrate the planet we live on… Earth. Some people might wonder when Earth Day is. This year, it is on Thursday, April 22. Actually, if you help the earth by recycling and throwing away trash, Earth Day can be any day just as long as we help the earth. On this day, we try to clean up the earth. Some people go into their backyards and clean trash up, while others plant trees. Many parents and students do different things to celebrate. 

“I bought a Brita filter for my house so I don’t have to use bottled water,” Mrs. Nicely, fifth grade teacher said. She also said, “ I also use the smallest cycle of water while doing laundry to conserve water.” Those are two ways that Mrs. Nicely helps the earth. 

Do you wonder how Earth Day started? Earth day started in spring, 1970 when a man by the name of Senator Gaylord Nelson wanted to create Earth Day because there was no EPA or  Environmental Protective Agency. There was also no Clean Air Act or Clean Water Act. There were 20,000,000 Americans who demonstrated this in different cities in the U.S. People from all over the world celebrate it now. 

“I recycle every day and make sure I donate or recycle before I throw things away,” Mrs. Perry, 5th grade teacher, said. “I also make my family recycle.”

Freedom Middle School isn’t the only place doing things for earth day. Troop 444 and Pack 444 are doing something to celebrate also. They went to Scout Island which is in Green Valley Park and planted two trees. They also did skits which are basically songs about why we need to save the earth. It is very important that we save the planet.

Earth day. Probably one of the most important holidays. On this day we pick up trash, recycle,  plant trees and lots of other things. In the survey I took, the most picked was spending time with family at 64.3 %. Some other things that people do on earth day are walking in the woods, talking about it, and playing outside. 88.6 % of Freedom Middle School students picked yes for if they often help the earth and the other 11.4 % say that they don’t.