Entering the season with a rough start


Freedom Junior High Baseball team plays against Montour School District.

Helena Buli, Editor-in-Chief Reflections Yearbook

Baseball is America’s National sport, and almost every school has a team for it. Baseball started in America on June 19, 1846. A popular tradition sprouted from this, and is here to this day. Whether you watch baseball games at home, or prefer going out, the majority of Americans play or watch baseball. The saying, “Three strikes, you’re out!”, is from baseball, and used commonly through day to day life. Freedom Middle School has a junior high baseball team too, and although COVID-19 affected the year, but they’re still going strong!
Since junior high baseball has been going not so well, and there has been a decent team throughout. There were fewer eighth graders than seventh graders this year, which may have affected the score. The coach this year is Chad Hein. Although baseball has been going rough this year, there is hope for the next! The current record is 0-3, losing three games.
“If I’m being honest, we haven’t been doing that bad. We’ve just been facing some good teams,” Colton Blank said. Blank also comments on how they have been doing good in fielding and batting. “Although we still make a few mistakes, it’s not much.” Blank said. Blank plays as a shortstop. He also talks about although there is not going to be a championship this year due to COVID-19, he’s still excited for the rest of the year.
“The biggest difference this year is that practice is harder,” Garrett Drutarosky said. Drutarosky plays center field and pitcher.