Make your heart sing in Chorus!


Olivia Mason

Mrs. Newman’s 7th and 8th graders singing a song during chorus in the music room.

Olivia Mason, Writer

Mrs. Jennifer Newman’s Chorus class is making harmony in the classroom! People in Newman’s Chorus class are happy to sing together. When you sing a song,  it makes you feel less stressed. Newman is encouraging you to join the class and help make some harmony. 

“It means so much to me to be able to share my love for music and singing with my students every day! I feel very blessed to be able to provide students with a place where they can come and be encouraged and to come and feel comfortable singing together with other people who love it as much as they do. Students who sing with us in chorus  know and appreciate the amazing healing power of music. After the challenging year we all had, it is such a gift to be able to find a positive way to express our feelings through music and singing,” Newman said. 

We are all looking for new members in chorus. You do not have to try out, just see Mrs. Newman if you are interested or send her an email to

“What I like about Chorus is that I can sing and it makes me feel great. I feel good when I sing with other people. My favorite music is country,” Lucas Bradel , sixth grader, said. 

If you do not go to chorus and you love to sing, you can always come down to sing with us, even if you are virtual. When you are in Mrs. Newman’s class, people are always excited to see each other. You can always bring a friend to chorus with you to join. 

“I like chorus because I like to be me and sing a lot and it makes me feel happy and comfortable,” Sophia Figas, fifth grader, said.  

The fifth grade chorus and the sixth grade chorus joined together and are going to hopefully be performing a concert for the third and fourth graders to see if they are interested in joining the chorus when they go to middle school.

“I think chorus is fun. It makes me feel happy and I can sing how I want with different people. I think it sounds interesting to sing with other people and it makes me feel confident,” Isabella Evans, eighth grader, said.

“I like chorus because we can sing with other people and it relieves my stress. It helps me boost my confidence,” Abby Hunter, seventh grader, said.

We are all happy when we are singing. Remember, we are all in this together.