The Easter Story


Elizabeth Mooney

Original Artwork

Elizabeth Mooney, Managing Editor Reflections Yearbook

The rabbit family was getting ready for Easter. Mother rabbit was in the garden picking sprigs of lavender to decorate the burrow, while Brother rabbit gathered eggs  from the chicken coop, so the whole family could partake in painting them later that day. Father rabbit was in the sitting room cleaning and Sister rabbit was teaching baby birds how to sing. 

“One two three!” she sang along.  

Now Brother rabbit, as it turned out, quite enjoyed Easter, as it was his favorite holiday. Every year he would partake in the Easter cooking, and the hiding of chocolate eggs for his family to find. And every year his family would say the same thing: “Well, aren’t you an Easter bunny!” It was very true. He quite enjoyed his Easter tasks, and he loved giving, so it was perfect. But this Easter wasn’t, and it was all because of Ms. Radish Head.  

There were a few other rabbit families who lived around this family’s burrow. One of them had a small child who owned a small toy, whom she called “Ms. Radish Head.” It was her favorite toy, and she was rarely seen without it. The day before Easter, it went missing. The poor child cried the whole day. Brother rabbit and his family had heard the sad news, and after they looked around and found nothing, Brother rabbit tried to think of some way to find Ms. Radish Head. He soon thought of an idea, and since he was quite skilled, he had his project finished that night. 

After everyone had eaten their share of food, and they had gone to bed, Brother rabbit set out for the other family’s burrow.  He carried a sack over his back, which contained some chocolate eggs for the family and his surprise for the young child. As soon as he reached the burrow, he was all stealth and quiet-ness. He first hid all of the chocolate eggs around the burrow, and then he snuck into the child’s room. He tried to lift a fold of her pillow to put the surprise under, but she woke up. 

“Who are you?” she asked quietly. Since it was dark, it was no surprise that she couldn’t see him well. Brother rabbit thought for a moment, and then, he whispered, “I am the Easter bunny. Go back to sleep, and when you wake, your family shall have a happy Easter. ” And with that, he vanished out of her room and ran all the way back to his burrow.



Young rabbit woke up, and remembering her encounter with the “Easter bunny,” she pulled back her pillow, and underneath was a beautifully carved honey-colored version of Ms. Radish Head. Young rabbit squeezed her tight and fell back onto her pillow. “Happy Easter,” she whispered to her new toy.