Denkovich heads to States in MathCounts


Beau DeThomas

Christopher Denkovich, eighth grader, heads to states in Math Counts competition.

Beau DeThomas, Writer

On Feb. 25, Christopher Denkovich, eighth grader, participated in the MathCounts competition with the team and placed third in the county, which was high enough to qualify for states! 

“I wasn’t too worried about it, I just tried my best and it worked,” said Denkovich. “There wasn’t very much practice involved because you don’t know the kinds of questions they’re going to ask you. You could look at previous ones but it was mainly skill involved.” Denkovich stated.

 “We had practice every Wednesday and on some Fridays this year from October through February… We had a practice competition that lasted form 2:30 from 4:15 this year. This was where students would individually answer questions that would be similar to the questions they would see in the actual competition,” Mrs. McCanna, eighth grade math teacher and MathCounts coach, said.