Hybrid days added to school week


Nick M

Mrs. Orrico’s class during 9th period during hybrid.

Nick Metzger, Writer

With the middle school shutting down in November, students and staff all have been virtual. Now, the school week has changed again for most students. Beginning on Feb. 22, the school has moved to a hybrid model. Every student with the last name from A-L goes to school on Monday and Tuesday. Every student with the last name from M-Z goes on Thursday and Friday. As for Wednesday, all students and teachers are fully virtual.  

I decided to stay online because I don’t want to get sick,” Troy Reynolds, sixth grader stated . “I like that you get out of school earlier and you don’t have to wear masks. I am planning on going back next week to test it out if I like in school.” 

“When at home you can go to the bathroom whenever you want,” Patsy Seneca, sixth grader said. “I like online better because I get out of school early. The one thing I would change about the week is to make Wednesday an asynchronous day.”

Hybrid isn’t only different for students but also for teachers. It can be hard for them to pay attention to the in-person class as well as the virtual class. 

“Hybrid has been a great opportunity for the students to get back inside the classroom in some type of manner,” Mrs. Heidi Orrico, sixth grade teacher, stated. “While hybrid may have its challenges with scheduling and facilitating classroom instruction in the building and online, it has made a huge difference for some students who are not “wired” for online learning. Teaching online and with students in the building does present some challenges, however, having students back inside the classroom is worth it.”