Time management: How people spend their time after school in the winter


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Easton (left) and Emma (right) Ward, build a snowman during the the district snow day on Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2020.

Now that we have been in virtual for a while, middle school students have had more time after school and they have been doing a lot of new activities.People have been changing their activities they’ve been doing since the COVID-19 pandemic. One way activities have changed is that more people have been going on screens much more. Some ways are by playing on video games and social media. Others have been outside and running around and being active. We want to know what you do.

The importance of being outside

The older middle school students get, the more they are on devices like phones or i-pads. It is important that you get outside once in a while so you can take a break from the screens and just be emerged in nature. 

How they spend time after school indoors and outdoors 

For the indoor activities, the greatest response was the video games at 30 responses. It was 58.8% of the responses! There were a lot of other choices and a few of them were writing books, doing gymnastics, working out, watching television, and YouTube videos.  Those were some pretty cool things that students do.  For the outdoor winter activity questions, the greatest response was for the sledding with 72% of the people voting. Some of the least chosen ones in the other section were football, igloo building, and jiu-jitsu. 

Winter sports

The least chosen was hockey and the two most chosen were basketball and indoor soccer  with basketball at 28.6% and indoor soccer at 25.7%. Some of the other least chosen sports were, volleyball, ice skating, wrestling, and swimming. 

What you do in the evening/after school

For the after school question, we got a tie for most popular and they are doing homework and playing video games at 3.9% of the question. A few others that were chosen were drawing, going on phones, and playing on their Xboxes. 

For what you are most likely to do in the evening question, the most popular were drawing and playing video games both at 3.9%. Some of the other ones that were chosen were taking a nap, playing with their sister, and going to soccer practice. 

Each activity people do for 20 minutes to 5 hours depending on what the activity is. The answers really vary depending on who you are and what you are doing. These were all really cool answers about what people do and how long they do them.