COVID-19 vaccines in our school

Cameron Stumpf, Writer

COVID-19 vaccines are available and are currently being distributed in phases. Mr. Ryan Smith, middle school principal, has stated that the staff getting the COVID-19 vaccines will most likely help bring students back into the building. Our school nurses are eligible for the vaccination, and the other staff members will be eligible for the vaccine shortly afterward. 

Right now we are in Phase 1A when it comes to COVID-19 vaccination, which includes our school nurses. It also includes long-term care facility residents, emergency medical workers, and many others. One of Freedom’s school nurses, Mrs. Adams, has said that she felt fine about being eligible for the vaccine before the other staff members. She also stated that she thinks the vaccine might help staff members become more comfortable having students in the building. 

In Phase 1B, which is the next phase of COVID-19 vaccination, our other staff members will be eligible for the vaccine. Also in Phase 1B people over 75, first responders, grocery workers, teachers, officers, and the elderly will be eligible for the vaccine.  

Mr. Ron Miller, fifth grade math teacher, has said that he does not believe the vaccines will help kids remaining virtual feel more comfortable coming back to school because they will still be in contact with the other students. 

Phase 1C is the third phase of  COVID-19 vaccination and it includes people 16 to 75 and essential workers. Some examples are food workers, public safety, and transportation workers. Everyone has different opinions about the vaccine, but most people are choosing to get it.  The president is working very hard to get the vaccine out to as many people as possible.