MATHCOUNTS is all about doing math, having fun


Audrey Mooney

A MATHCOUNTS warm up looks like this when students are virtual.

Audrey Mooney, Editor-in-Chief

MATHCOUNTS is all about playing math games and doing hard math worksheets, but the most important thing is to have fun! MATHCOUNTS started on Nov. 4, from 2:30 to 3:05 p.m..  

There are two parts to a MATHCOUNTS practice; warm-ups and workouts.  When you do a workout, you are allowed to use a calculator. When you do a warm-up, you do not have a calculator.  After a couple of MATHCOUNTS practices, students do a practice competition to see who qualifies for the chapter competition on Feb. 5. The practice competitions have Target rounds and Sprint rounds.  When you are taking the Target round you can use your calculator, but when you are taking the Sprint round you can not use a calculator. 

The chapter competition is for the qualifying students from the practice competition who will compete against other schools to try to make it into the state competition. The eight qualifying students are Christopher Denkovich and Erica Young, eighth graders, Calla Reynolds and Hannah Shaffer, seventh graders, and Kendall Climo, Audrey Mooney, Elizabeth Mooney, and Olivia VanDeCar, sixth graders.  

“I think MATHCOUNTS is going well so far this year.  We’ve been holding practices virtually and having practice competitions.  It is a fun way to do mathematics after school and it provides us with social interaction with one another and gets us ready for our upcoming competition.” Mrs. McCanna, MATHCOUNTS coach, stated.  She thinks that getting students to remember to join the Google Meets for practice is one of the flaws so far this year. 

Kendall Climo likes that students do get to Math and she also loves the competitions.