High school students last to return to in-school learning

Calla Reynolds, Copy Editor

On Nov. 9, Freedom High School students began to phase into in-school education for the first time in nine months.  

Up until Nov. 9, students have been attending school virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic. After allowing the elementary and middle school to return back to in-school education, the principal of the high school, Mr. Bill Deal, is giving the students an opportunity to advance into the school building with precautions set in place. 

“We moved our desks around and we have the plexiglass dividers in the cafeteria. Since the high school is two floors, we have four main stairwells. We made two that were up only stairwells and two that were down only stairwells.” said Deal.

“I miss communicating with my teachers in person, because I dislike communicating online.” stated Aubrey Reynolds. 

There are three major areas of focus in regards to returning to school in person. The first being social distancing. The second area of focus is sanitation, and the third is wearing masks. Things that are in place to address these issues include plexiglass in the cafeteria, controlling traffic in the hallways and stairwells, and cleaning surfaces. Students are encouraged to wear masks, wash their hands, and practice social distancing. With all of this in place, it may be possible to extend in school learning.