Sixth grade students carve, gut, and count pumpkin seeds this year


Chloe Lundy

Mrs. Ging’s sixth grade honors math class carves, guts, and counts seeds while socially distanced in the courtyard classroom.

Though this pandemic has been hard, our teachers and staff have made it a better experience for the students. Ms. Ging and Mrs. Moore, sixth grade teachers, were still able to provide a clean, safe and fun experience for the sixth graders. Pumpkin math has been a thing for a while now and every year. When the months of October and November roll around the fun and messy pumpkin math starts. 

“I was excited because it sounded fun and we were allowed outside for a bit,” said sixth grader Elizabeth Harmon. As you see now this seasonal pumpkin carving activity can be fun and still beneficial. Everyone carved a pumpkin and still did the math. This project goes two ways. This activity allows the students to have some fun which we all know right now right now that is hard because of the pandemic. It was a fun experience for the sixth graders this year and allowed them to take off their masks and get some fresh air outside in the courtyard. 

Pumpkin math has been going on for a long time now. Every year they carve pumpkins and take all the guts out. Once they have finished with that they start to count all the seeds! Every last one. This might seem fun but there are usually tons of seeds in each pumpkin! This process takes long but it’s all worth it whenever you finish. After you have finished counting the next day you will do the real math. You will find average, mean, range and much much more. 

Students were also asked by the teachers to bring in pumpkins if possible. Some kids did not have access to a pumpkin though. If a student did not have access to any pumpkins they were asked to tell one of the teachers. The teachers gave the students that didn’t have pumpkins that were picked up from Yecks Farm! They were extremely generous enough to donate a ton of pumpkins! They were also accessible for kids at home/virtual. They were put in the office and ready to be picked up by any virtual kids who needed one! 

The other sixth grade math classes stayed inside such as Moore’s 1 and 3 period and 7, 8 period. While Ging’s 1 and 3 stayed inside her 7 and 8th period class had the amazing opportunity to sit 6 feet away out in the courtyard. They were able to get some fresh air and take off their masks when sitting but once they started talking closely the masks had to go back on. This made us able to stay safe and clean while doing this. 

      “I do believe it should have been an option because some people may have not wanted to because they get sick or gag because they don’t like touching the pumpkin guts. If you don’t want to do this if this makes you sick me or my other participating teacher will do it for you,” states Harmon. This activity, while it is fun and laid back, can also be stressful, gross and uncomfortable for some children. Some children’s emotions and bodies may have different reactions than yours.  

While this activity is a good way to relax and still do math some kids may feel different towards this activity. Everyone has different opinions and feelings about this activity. I believe that this is a great way to start some of the fall festivities and have some fun and maybe take some time to enjoy the fun and good times with friends.