Dealing with COVID-19 during football

Charles Brenckle, Sports Editor

Everyone is always wondering how the middle school football and high school football seasons are  going. The Barker interviewed Mr. John Rosa, athletic director and head varsity coach, a couple of questions about the season, how it has gone, and how it will end.

Since COVID hit, the school has been taking precautions and has changed school rules in order to keep people safe. Such as wearing a mask, keeping as far away as possible, the band has spread apart, etc. Mr.  Rosa was interviewed about how hard it was to follow the rules and precautions, and he said, “There was definitely more work, people had to do more calls to make sure no one was in contact with someone who has COVID, or if they actually have COVID. There was also more paperwork involved as well.”

There is another question that is asked often as well, and that is when will it be “ back to normal.” Rosa said, “We will definitely not be back to normal next year, but I am hoping that we can get back to normal next season.” 

That means that no one should expect to be able to not have to wear a mask to a football game until next season.

“The season is usually 9-10 games long each season, but this year the team was only able to play 7 games”, said Rosa.

That means that the season was shortened because of COVID-19. Which is why the school has to make people wear masks and other things to deal with the virus so that then everyone is safe at the game.