Will the Principal’s 100 benefit the school now?


Nick Metzger

All 100 Principal 100 cards from the first half of the year

We can all agree that Mr. Smith’s Principal’s 100 was a great thing when we were in school but is it now? With all the things going on should the Principal’s 100 still be a priority? If it is still a priority what would it look like now? 

The Principal’s 100 program rewards kids who are constantly doing the right thing. Did you happen to notice the big red board with all of the white cards with names on them? It was when you first walked into the building. There white cards with names on them, what they did to deserve it, and who that card was from. One of those cards was for Trevor Denhup, fifth grader. 

“I like the concept of Principal’s 100 because it was good to reward kids who are doing stuff right,” said Denhup. “I don’t know how they would, but I think they should try to continue to do it through this pandemic.”

Ryan Smith, principal of Freedom Middle School said,  “As far as the principal’s 100, we are going to use the students from the first semester and the 20 or so that received cards during the second semester to draw names for the large prizes.  The winners can pick up their prizes the last week of May during food distribution.”  

“I think that the Principal’s 100 board celebrates the students who do the right thing all the time.  It lets others know who are the positive leaders within our school.  Plus it’s there for all to see who those students are.” said fifth grade ELA teacher Mrs. Tina Boyd.  “The board also allows us to celebrate those students with a party once the board is filled up.” 

In the middle of the year, our first board was filled and the party was watching a movie called “Middle School” in the auditorium. Obviously this is a program students aspired to when we were together in the school. Is it possible to continue this amazing program while we all sit at home every school day? Should this program keep going with our new school lives? 

“Yes, I think that we should still continue to do the program,” said Boyd. 

Obviously there is a lot that is unknown right now. The faculty and staff have been working hard to bring some sort of normality to the students’ lives. While the students can’t see the giant board right now, we know it is there.