School dances are losing popularity


Helena Buli

Annie Martin, sixth grade, posing in front of the gymnasium bleachers. She is alone to represent how many people don’t go to school dances.

Helena Buli, Managing Editor

School dances have been occurring for a long time, and aren’t that popular, judging from the number of students that go to dances and how many students we have in our middle school. Social media has been affecting the popularity of school dances for the last few years.  

“School dances need more incentives for students to go to them,” commented Mr. Smith, middle school principal. “Most times our school dances don’t receive much advertisement except for a few posters in the hallways. If they had more advertisements, especially on social media, school dances would have a chance to be revived.””

— Mr. Smith

Another problem with school dances is the expectations of how to dress. Those less fortunate may not be able to show up in a suit and tie or a formal dress. This caused the expectations to lower, and those wanting a formal dance stopped showing up. Anyone else who didn’t care as much about the more casual dances felt less inclined to go to them because of how many people stopped going, and that dwindled the popularity of dances even more.

“I usually have hockey, so I don’t go to dances. If they had a better music system, and if the dances were better advertised more students would show up. I’ve seen students show what they’re doing at school dances on TikTok, and it’s mostly socializing.” Chloe Lundy, fifth grade, states.

Another fifth grade student, Elizabeth Harmon, adds “I think how much students enjoy the school dances depends on how they act. I believe students who act inappropriately in school should not be allowed to school dances. More rules and supervision would make the school dances better, even though I think a decent amount of people show up to them already.”

Some students believe that the school dances are okay as it is and others believe there is a lot of room to improve. Hopefully one day school dances will be popular once again, and every student enjoys them!