Valentine’s Day is an unnecessary holiday

Sara Harp, Copy Editor


Valentine’s Day is the least important holiday on the calendar. Yes, it is sweet to buy chocolates and stuffed animals for your significant other, but you also have an anniversary which is much more special to you and your partner. Valentine’s Day is a day of pressure for young or new couples, and that does not need to be a holiday. If you really love someone, you don’t need one specific day to celebrate them, you should celebrate them every day of the year.

Because Valentine’s Day is in winter, we cannot grow flowers in many places in America. This means that we import them from South America. The number of cargo jets coming to Miami from Colombia and Ecuador in the month before Valentine’s Day keeps rising until there are hundreds of flights weekly. Because of the abundance of cargo flights, Valentine’s Day leaves a huge carbon footprint on the U.S. The amount of plastic used for wrapping candies and bouquets also adds on top of that footprint. 

Valentine’s Day is killing the earth and it is useless.