Fitness Room benefits students, but is ready for an update


Lucas Evans

The equipment in the fitness room includes treadmills, ellipticals, and rowers.

Lucas Evans, Writer

The fitness room is located near the gym. It has exercise equipment in it but is it too dangerous  because it seems the treadmills are attacking people. What this means is that people are falling on the treadmills and they will rip skin and could be much worse if kids set speeds higher than what they are used to. Some things in the fitness room are treadmills, Wii, elliptical, total gym pullup, body rowers, dumbbells, and medicine balls. 

The fitness room has been open for ten years and moved from different rooms in the past, according to Mr. Matsook, physical education teacher. The equipment is about ten years old, but there are plans to replace it within the next five years. The fitness room benefits all students by helping them be physical and active, but can be dangerous if the students use it improperly, such as setting the treadmill at high speeds or fooling around.

This is what happened with Devlin Burkett, fifth grader, when using the treadmill.  He was going at a speed that he wasn’t used to on the treadmill and fell. He then used the cord to make his way back up to his feet.

“I would still use all of the equipment in the fitness room except the treadmill.” said Burkett.