FASD improves emergency exit plan


Pogue Regan

Fifth and sixth grade students use the new plan to exit the building and wait by the softball field on Oct. 30 during a fire drill.

Olivia VanDeCar, Website Editor

As all of you may know, on Oct. 30 of this year we had a fire drill. You may have realized that you went a different way to get out of the building or were told for the next fire drill. This was because people in our school came up with a better and safer way to exit the school when there is a fire drill or other drills. They decided to change the exits because all of the emergency services were coming in the front door and they did not want people coming out of them getting trampled. 

The people that came up with the idea were Mr. Smith, middle school principal, and Officer Liberty, our school resource officer. They think it worked out very well. It does not take away from the fire drills and it keeps everyone in one place. There was one small defect and that was that all fifth and sixth grade now come out one set of doors.