Fifth grade students assigned personal Chromebooks to better aid learning

Logan Larrick

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Logan Larrick

Haydan Jones and Moriah Neely research inventors using Chromebooks in Mrs. Boyd’s English language arts class.

This year, all fifth grade students got the opportunity to have their own Chromebooks for the school year. Similar to the high school, these Chromebooks are meant to aid students and help them complete the tasks they must do every day. Students will keep these Chromebooks throughout their middle school life and get to keep the Chromebooks after middle school. Every year, fifth grade students will get Chromebooks so by 2022 all middle school students will have Chromebooks. The Chromebooks that the students received are on average $400 online but are offered for $50 per student per year. They also include a warranty and reinforced covers to withstand student use.

So far, students have been quite resourceful with the Chromebooks, using them for research and to check for spelling, but they have not been thrown into the responsibility of Chromebooks. 

Mrs. Perry, fifth grade teacher, says that the students are being guided into the responsibility and are taking it slowly rather than rushing them. The students, in fact, are actually showing the teachers how to use them rather than them asking for help. In addition, games on the Chromebooks have not been an issue, although with students just graduating elementary it would be assumed otherwise. 

Students think this addition is mostly beneficial by helping to keep track of information and having something to do after work is done, such as playing games, but they do have the downfall of having to carry the Chromebooks everywhere they go and having to make sure they are in a safe place but overall think this addition is beneficial.

In conclusion, adding Chromebooks to fifth grade students has been a success and is viewed as a great addition by students and teachers alike and will be implemented in other grades in the future.