Sixth graders present their long term projects at Freedom High School Science Conference

Pogue Regan, Copy Editor

Every year, the sixth grade teachers, as well as Dr. Wargo, host a science conference at the high school. The premise of this activity is to experiment with something that you can’t just look up the solution of. The idea has to be original, and you have to show each step of your experiments, even if they fail. The goal is to come up with something innovative, whether it’s helpful or not.

In the beginning ceremony, Dr. Wargo talked about the importance of labs and physical class work. Also saying that, despite seeing science as the pinnacle, he believes that any and all types of hands-on research is worthy. There were many alumni that returned from previous years. There were even some past seniors with advice on how to deal with stress from projects and teachers. Each 6th grade presenter had to present their long term project at least once, and they were instructed to rotate around to different classrooms. Some presentations, mostly by alumni, were just made to instruct other students. Most alumni were aiming to give students some insight on possible career options. All the presenters seemed to have put copious amounts of work and effort into their projects. The students certainly nailed the guidelines with their unique long terms.