CSI week informs students about law enforcement

On May 20-24, 2019,the sixth annual sixth grade CSI week took place. Over five days, the sixth grade students learn about crime investigation, the consequences  of committing a crime, and how to find hidden evidence. For the first three days of the week the students listened to presentations about crime scene investigation from police officers, parole officers, judges, and students. On the fourth day students learn how to interview suspects,  find and pick up fingerprints, find blood, and cast footprints. On the last day of the week the students had to solve a murder planned out by Ms. Jeanine Ging and Ms. Lisa Moore, sixth grade science teachers.

To solve the mystery, students had to collect evidence, lift fingerprints, compare footprints, interview suspects, and use other skills. At the end of the day each investigation group had to create their own PowerPoint presentation explaining who they they thought committed the murder, based on the evidence they collected and analyzed. After the presentations the murderer was revealed, handcuffed and escorted out of the auditorium by School Resource Officer Liberty.

This year the murder victim was an electrician killed in the fitness room. The suspects were Mr. Matsook, Ms. Smithmyer, Ms. Baker, Mr. Gregg, and Ms. Piehler. After the presentations it was revealed that Mr. Matsook was the murderer! Overall, CSI week is one of the most interesting experiences of sixth grade.