Fifth grade students adventure to strip district for field trip

Helena Buli, Editor-in-Chief Reflections Yearbook

The Fifth grade classes went to on a field trip to the Strip District, and most enjoyed visiting some old buildings that could’ve been open to the public and running for many years. Some students have comments about the historical Strip District.

The Strip District has been accessible for many years, even during the Great Depression. The Strip District has been around since 1837. Though it has aged through the years, it still has neighborhoods and homes, including multiple family owned stores. The Strip District had trains running through it until 1906. The Strip District became a place for immigrants such as Italians, Polish, and Slavic ethnicity. They became competitors, and competed with each other, mainly with businesses.

Calla Reynolds commented that she enjoyed the trip, and that she thinks it was a good experience for fifth grade. She believes that it was very educational, and that it was necessary to go on the trip so that the fifth grade could experience something new.
The packet that the fifth graders this year had to fill out with information on the Strip District was actually less than what the other years of fifth grade students had to fill out. Many students are tickled pink that they could enjoy going around the Strip instead of focusing on filling out a large packet.
In conclusion, the Strip District field trip was fun for most of the fifth grade students. I’m sure all of them adored the ice cream at Klavon’s!