Eighth graders participate in trip to the Gettysburg battlefield

Jacob Dicenzo, Managing Editor

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The year is 1863, it’s July 1st at the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The more northern Union troops are defending the town from the attacking southern Confederates. The battle lasted 3 days and many soldiers died. The Confederates were the states trying to preserve slavery in the United States, where as the northern states wanted to stop slavery from spreading. This conflict led to the division of the southern states from the North eventually leading to the Civil War.

On May 9th and 10th the eighth grade took a trip to Gettysburg to learn about the battlefield and what  happened there. They toured the battlefield and learned about the conflict and how the fighting worked. For example, Eighth Grader David Denkovich said, “I learned that it was a dangerous place to be during the war .” They visited landmarks all around the battlefield with their tour guides giving them information about the war and the battlegrounds. Later that day, the students did a ghost tour around the city of Gettysburg. They heard stories about the people of Gettysburg and their ghost sightings. Finally, at the end of the day, the students checked into their hotel rooms.

The next day the students woke up early, ate breakfast then went to Hershey Park and rode the various rides around the park, although the day was practically ruined by rain. Overall, it was an informative and fun field trip.