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Alexa Hudak
Hi! I’m Alexa Hudak, and I’m a sixth grade Staff Writer. My journey here began nearly a year ago, and I’ve learned an immense amount of knowledge along the way. The Bulldog Barker itself has also grown just as much. Apart from that, I participate in many school and community activities, such as basketball, softball, Newspaper, Band, Chorus, Student Government, and hopefully more in the future! When I become an adult, I either want to be an engineer or a football player. It may seem pretty odd since I’m a girl, but I absolutely love football, and I heard they get paid pretty well, too. Something that you may find interesting is that I have six pets. Four cats, one horse, and a German Shepherd. I’m also a big fan of Fortnite. That’s all you’ll need to know about me.

Alexa Hudak, Writer

Oct 19, 2018
Mr. Bohon and his dog Cooper (Story)
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