Mrs. Miller

“Darkness, air, water, and sky will shake the forest to its roots.”- The prophecy

“Midnight” is an awe inspiring book that will leave you up all night.

Brambleclaw, a young warrior, must seek out sun-drown-place with three others, while two cats tag along. With the help of kittypet Purdy and loner Ravenpaw, they will soon succeed. Meanwhile, Leafpaw, the medicine cat, is trying not to tell anybody about the journey.

  “Midnight”, by Erin Hunter, is the first book in the new prophecy, which is the second series in Warriors. The main location of Warrior cats is in the forest, there are five clans: ThunderClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, and StarClan, which is like heaven, and they give prophecies to cats. In the new prophecy, StarClan gives a prophecy to Brambleclaw from ThunderClan, Feathertail from RiverClan, Crowpaw, now Crowfeather, fromWindClan, and Tawnypelt from ShadowClan. The prophecy was “Darkness, air, water, and sky will come together, and shake the forest to its roots.” 

The thing that made me want to read it was one, my friend said it was “AMAZING,” and two, it looked very appealing. This book is five stars because the characters are well written and the text is action packed.

In my opinion, you should definitely buy this book. You can purchase this book at Barnes & Noble and Riverstone. I hope to see you there!

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